We’ll try not to keep you too long because we’d rather you were out and about, TwoTwenty in hand, getting up to whatever it is you get up to..

Why call ourselves TwoTwenty? As humans we see with a radius of 220 degrees. We wanted to create a brand that encourages us all to be more present in the moment, enjoying what’s around us right now. We want us all to indulge in more guilt free fun together, whatever that might be.

We have always loved the concept of hard seltzer, yet the brands on offer didn’t hit the mark and lacked personality. They were often pumped full of artificial sweeteners, colours and preservatives or tasted so weak that they made your nan look like Anthony Joshua. So we spent our evenings and weekends creating a hard seltzer that tasted deliciously true to the flavour within.

Taking inspiration from the ephemeral drawings and messages found in venues, TwoTwenty hard seltzer sticks two fingers up to boring.

We want you to revel in the moments in front of you. All 220 degrees.

Enjoy your 220